Worship Service Content and Format


Our church offers a regular worship service every Sunday, as well as the special seasonal services and other special services available on request.

Sunday Morning Worship

Service time is 11:00 AM in the Main Sanctuary.


Our worship services are structured to provide a variety of elements, and to involve members of the congregation as an active part of worship. This includes the use of lay-readers in presenting the Scriptures, and in leading the Prayers of the People.

Family Focus:
Because of the belief that worship is of importance to family members of all ages, there is a special segment of the Worship service dedicated to the children. When that segment has completed, the children leave the sanctuary to attend their weekly Church School class.

Music forms a significant part of every worship service, typically including organ and piano selections by the Music Director, choral singing by the Senior Choir and congregational singing of hymns from the United Church hymn-book, Voices United. There are also regular musical contributions from various soloists and choral groups (duets, trios, quartets) from the congregation.