Does Killarney United Church rent its facilities?

Yes. Subject to congregational activities, our climate-controlled facilities are available for ongoing programs or meetings or for one-time use, such as birthday parties or other receptions. Both the church hall and the sanctuary are available, within certain guidelines, for approved users. Groups regularly using our building include exercise classes, and others.

The acoustically amenable sanctuary has been used for a variety of music recitals and concerts. The sanctuary is equipped with a Digital Organ, an upright piano, has a public address/recording system (with fixed and cordless microphones), more than adequate lighting for daytime or evening use, and has a comfortable seating capacity of 345.

The Christian Education Center hall can be set up for small or large banquets, and there is a fully-equipped kitchen with both electric and gas ranges and ovens. A CD and MP3 player is available for those who prefer to use their own recorded music for events either in the sanctuary or in the hall. There is a Conference Room for smaller meetings, a nursery and Sunday School room for even smaller meetings.

All users must abide by the posted regulations. Our generous parking areas can accommodate up to 25 vehicles. For current rates, availability and guidelines, please email or phone  the church office to ask for our Booking Coordinator.

Can I make my offering through pre-authorized payments?

Yes. We encourage those who would like to contribute financially to Killarney United to consider doing so with pre-authorized monthly payments. Forms for PAR are available at the church. For those who prefer weekly envelopes, these are available also. 

Can I become more involved in the church life of Killarney?

Yes. There are many opportunities to be involved, from singing in the choir, greeting at the door on Sundays, reading scripture or leading in prayer in worship, working with the UCW, serving on one of our committees, helping in our Sunday School or with our Outreach activities, being part of our Prayer Trees, taking part in any of our adult study or fellowship groups, or coming to Games Nights, Movie Nights, and much more. Just ask around if you’re looking for ways to become more involved. Perhaps you’d like to help out with our Annual Supper? Just ask! 

How do I become a member of The United Church of Canada?

One becomes a member of The United Church of Canada through a local congregation. Although people are not required to be members of Killarney United Church to be involved in our worship and in most areas of our congregational life, many people come to a point in their spiritual journey when they wish to make a commitment not only to the local faith community, but through it to the larger denominational family, which for us is The United Church of Canada. Some at Killarney have made this commitment as adolescents through "Confirmation." Some adults have "transferred" their membership from other United Church congregations, and some, from various backgrounds, have made this commitment through "Profession of Faith." Adults who were not baptized as children may become members through adult Baptism. "Profession of Faith" and adult Baptism are not as imposing as they sound! The United Church of Canada admits as members those who make "a credible profession of faith." That could be as complex as the Nicene Creed or as simple as "Jesus loves me, this I know..." Mostly, those who want to be members of Killarney United (and The United Church of Canada) are those who have found a spiritual “home” - who have felt blessed, challenged and nurtured in the things of faith and the Spirit - among us. 

I am not a United Church member. Can I still worship at Killarney?

Yes, definitely! We strive to be an open and inclusive community. At Communion we have an 'open table' and invite worshippers - of all ages - to join in sharing the bread and cup. If you find that worship at Killarney nurtures your faith, supports you in your journey, or helps you wrestle with tough questions, you are welcome! People are not required to be members of Killarney United Church to be involved in our worship and in most areas of our congregational life. However, each year a number of individuals, of various ages, choose, after some study and reflection, to become members of The United Church of Canada. We will welcome any questions you might have if you are interested in exploring this path. 

Can I have my child baptized at Killarney? Can I be baptized?

Yes. We embrace the opportunity to welcome children and adults into God's family through the Sacrament of Baptism. We believe that baptism is a sign or witness that the love of God embraces each person long before they are able to claim or name that love for themselves. Of course, it’s more than just a sign or symbol - it’s a sacrament, and thus there’s more than a hint of mystery about what happens in baptism, and we celebrate that mystery with joy!
At Killarney, parents of children do not necessarily need to be members of the congregation, nor of The United Church of Canada, but we will certainly encourage that relationship, and there will always be opportunity before baptism for parents and/or candidates to discuss with our minister the nature of their relationship with and participation in the life of the congregation. During the Baptism ceremony, the parents - or the adult being baptized -- are asked the following questions:
o Do you commit yourself to follow the way of Jesus in your public and private life?
o Do you profess your faith in one God, Creator, Christ, and Spirit?
o Will you promise to do your best to respond faithfully to the command of Jesus to love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself?
o Will you seek to nurture your child in such a way that he/she can know and sense God's love, and his/her rightful place in the community of God's people?
Accommodation can be made in the case of interfaith couples. In all but emergency or extraordinary circumstances, Baptism is celebrated in a Sunday morning service in the presence of the congregation. If you would like to discuss baptism for you or your child, please contact the church office.

Can I get married at Killarney United Church?

Yes. Please contact the Church Office to enquire about our Marriage policies and guidelines. 

Is the building wheelchair-accessible?

Yes. There are designated parking spots, and our one-level facility is accessible. Our washrooms are wheelchair-accessible. We have some wheelchairs and one walker available for any member or visitor to use while in this facility. We can also provide hearing assist devices for the hard-of-hearing. 




I have children. Is there a church school or nursery at Killarney?

Yes. There is a nursery for infants and toddlers every Sunday morning, and we even have soft toys at the back of the sanctuary where infants and toddlers may play quietly under the supervision of one of their parents or another adult. Volunteer teachers run our church Sunday School every Sunday from early September to mid-June for children 3 to 11 years of age. Children join in the worship service in the sanctuary beginning at 11 a.m. and after about 15 minutes, proceed to Sunday School together. 




What’s the style of worship at Killarney?

The best word to describe our worship style at Killarney is "blended.” While there are many traditional elements in our Sunday services, there are "contemporary" aspects too. One moment you are enjoying Bach and the next you are listening to our choir sing an upbeat gospel number. Our congregation loves to sing hymns of a variety of styles and periods from soaring traditional hymns accompanied by the organ, to quiet, meditative numbers, to upbeat hymns from a variety of world cultures. We enjoy Voices United - the current hymn book of The United Church of Canada. We are blessed with a number of gifted instrumentalists in the congregation who contribute music for services and other events. We strive to be inclusive in the language and imagery of our worship, drawing on the deep wells of Christian tradition while also striving to expand our spiritual horizons. As a congregation that is trying to be inclusive of all ages and people, on any given Sunday you can see members from our youngest to our oldest involved in various ways in worship.