Debbie & David Jones' amazing adventures in Africa

Debby Jones:

 Our overland adventure began in Nairobi, Kenya and ended 27 days and six countries later in Johannesburg, South Africa.  David and I have wanted to visit Africa for a while and decided that we had better go before we were too old to pitch a tent.  We planned our trip for September when we learned that it is the dry season there so it is easier to spot wildlife and often the animals gather at watering holes." 



Mabel's Mission in Mexico

House #11 was done on February 7th and it was a wonderful family, they all did as much as they could to help out building their newhome. 

Last name - Ramirez Estrada
Mom - Minerva
Dad - Gabino
Daughter - Aracely 14 yrs, Son - Juan 12 yrs, Son - Julio 10 yrs.

House #12 was built on February 21st for a family of 3 with another one on the way.
Last name: Ezquivel
Mom - Rosa
Dad - Marcial
1 year old girl Cynthia
Marcial works for farmers in the field.