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Killarney has heightened its Mission and Service activities of late.

In addition there is an active and growing choir, monthly fellowship lunches, social activities (bowling, Christmas caroling, etc.) and the Swinging singers who sing monthly in the assisted living facilities.


The U.C.W.



Our United Church Women (U.C.W) is an organization for all women of the United Church. There have been as many as seven units with four active at present. The neighbouring Rowland and Lena U.C.W.'s carried on for many years after their churches closed, but both units disbanded in 1985. Each U.C.W. unit meets monthly, as well as a general meeting for all women. These women do a terrific amount of work in and out of the church, all done through a love for the church and to the glory of God.


Some of the work the ladies have done over the years and are still doing includes: raising money for local church improvements and additions, special appeals and general church expenses through catering, teas, an annual yard sale, sale of 40th anniversary cookbooks, and many other projects; support for mission projects and disaster relief overseas (in Bangladesh, Mexico, India, El Salvador, & Southeast Asia, to name a few); countless hours of pastoral care and visiting in homes, hospital, and care homes; leadership in special services such as World Day of Prayer and the Least Coin Service.



These ladies have continued through the years to be a very faithful and dedicated group and spend many hours in preparation for all the activities they do. Their work is always a shared venture, with countless women taking turns in leadership and in every facet of their ministry.


Behind everything our United Church Women do is the spiritual side, with prayer and study being a vital part of every meeting. Their faith in God and their willingness to be disciples of Jesus Christ has been a vital part of our church, and has touched countless lives through the years. Remember to "Trust in the Lord" as it is from God that all good comes.



The U.C.W celebrated their 50th Anniversary in 2012.

The theme for the year was "A Tapestry of Love".

Fifty years have now passed since the Woman’s Missionary Society (WMS) and the
Woman’s Association (WA) joined to bring the women of the United Church of Canada into one new organization, United Church Women (UCW).
The purpose for this new organization became “To unite women of the congregation for the total mission of the church and to provide a medium through which we may express our loyalty and devotion to Jesus Christ in Christian witness, study, fellowship and service˝.
Thus the UCW assumed all the tasks in the church, community and around the world previously the mandate of the WMS and WA.
UCW has seen many changes over the years and numbers have greatly declined. Killarney UCW has also declined and now consists of one group with members from Killarney, and former Lena and Rowland members. We continue to meet monthly and continue to up hold the UCW purpose.
Major fund raising events include lunches, pie sales, a something for everybody garage sale and a baking sensations sale. Sales from the Thrift Shop play a major part in our fund raising. Proceed from our events go to financially support our local church improvements, renovations and general church expense and appeals from the community locally, provincially and nationally and internationally.

The proceeds from our 50th Anniversary Service were dedicated to the National UCW project to raise $50,000.00 for the Morogoro Women’s Training Centre. The total raised nationally was $158,027.00. This amount provided 8 fully funded health care worker programs.
Community service includes facilitating the collection of clothing items for distribution as requested; a Mitten Tree and cosmetic bags for a Woman’s Shelter. We participate in local World Day of Prayer service; provide refreshments and entertainment at the Personal Care Home birthday party.
Programs continue to be an important part of our meetings. This year we learned about our local food bank; healing crystals; had a plant sale; sang the new anniversary song and traveled with friends to China, Scotland and Africa.   
The theme for the 50th Anniversary was `Our Tapestry of Love`.  Looking back on the past years, we see that "love" woven in the service of the many hands who participated in the events and projects.  As we go forward we continue our loving service, always challenged to find new ways to meet the needs of a changing society and world.

You are welcome to join us.



The Thrift Shop has continued to be a very important part of our church. Many volunteers have worked so hard through the years, organizing, pricing, repairing, and selling the clothing.  The Thrift Shop is a much needed service for the community. Any clothing left over at the end of a season is boxed up and sent wherever it is needed.

The Thrift shop is located at the intersection of Finlay Street and Williams Ave.


The Choir