About Us


Our Vision Statement


As a community of faith:


we will share a worship experience that offers meaning, joy and hope through preaching, music and prayer;

we will open our hearts and welcome all people to our life and ministry;

we will offer opportunities for nurturing spiritual foundation and growth;

we will support and celebrate the gifts of our children and youth;

we will encourage sharing of time, talents and treasures;

we will reach out to the community and to the world in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Killarney is typical of a farm based community, though it has a growing retirement segment. The town offers a wide range of services such as dental, optometric, medical, chiropractic, massage therapies, physiotherapy, financial and legal, educational and retail services.

Recognizing the importance of all age groups in our congregation, we are always looking for ways to involve all congregants, not only in worship, but in the life and work of the church. Members of the church assist with pastoral care and visiting, assisting others who need transportation to church, leading worship service when the minister is not available and instruction in Sunday school.