Mission - Faith Statements


Mission Statement


That we the people of Killarney United Church believe that we are called by God to witness our faith by providing an opportunity for the congregation to Worship and Serve God in an atmosphere of acceptance, warmth and encouragement.





A New Creed

We are not alone,    

    we live in God's world.  

We believe in God:    

  who has created and is creating,    

  who has come in Jesus,       

    the Word made flesh,       

    to reconcile and make new,     

 who works in us and others       

    by the Spirit.  

We trust in God.  

We are called to be the Church:    

   to celebrate God's presence,    

   to live with respect in Creation,    

   to love and serve others,    

   to seek justice and resist evil,    

   to proclaim Jesus, crucified and risen,       

    our judge and our hope.

In life, in death, in life beyond death,    

   God is with us.

We are not alone.      

Thanks be to God.


The 18 Attributes of The United Church of Canada#:

* Offers the possibility of personal transformation
* Is open to change
* Offers new ways of looking at faith
* Engages both emotion and the intellect
* Encourages questioning
* Respects all people
* Celebrates all peoples and lifestyles
* Respects personal freedom and choice
* Values all ages
* Is welcoming to everyone
* Builds relationships with other traditions
* Builds deep personal relationships
* Respects the earth and the environment
* Translates personal faith into action
* Emphasizes helping people
* Works with the poor to improve their situation
* Reaches out to the needy
* Works for justice in the world

#From “We Have This Vision, Exploring United Church Identity in the 21st Century, A Study Guide for Small Groups.”


Faith Statements

A Song of Faith  

The English version of A Song of Faith was approved at GC39 in August 2006. The French version was completed and authorized for use in 2007.

A Song of Faith: A Statement of Faith of The United Church of Canada [RTF: 18 pp/270 KB]