In order to co-ordinate the work of the congregation and its committees, the church Council will be composed of 2 representatives from each committee (one of which shall be the Chairperson) and the following persons. Past Chairperson, Chairperson, Chairperson-elect, Ministry Team, Secretary, 1 UCW rep, 1 Presbytery delegate plus Office Administrator.

The chairperson or, in his/her absence the chairperson elect will conduct the meeting.

The council will hold at least 10 meetings per year.

 A Quorum shall be 7 members. 


The Church Council shall be responsible for:

a) referring matters for planning and action to the appropriate committee.  

b) Receiving reports of the committees.  

c) evaluating the work of the congregation, its committees and boards  

d) Setting policy  

e) Annually receiving a budget and submitting it to the annual Congregational Meeting


The Church Council shall have an executive consisting of a Chairperson, Chairperson  elect, past chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Minister. The Executive shall be  empowered  to act on all matters which may arise between regular scheduled  meetings of  Killarney United Church Council.

Signing Officers shall be any two of the following four people, Chairperson of council,  Treasurer, Council secretary, Office Administrator and secretary.

A member may resign from church council (or a Committee) by submitting a letter of  resignation or may be requested to resign upon consistent failure of attention to  Council duties. The council shall have the power to fill any vacancy in the council (or  committee) until the next annual meeting of the congregation.

Any member of the congregation who is a not a member of Council may attend any  regular  meeting of Council as an observer, and may be invited to participate in  discussion but shall have no voting rights.

No Committee expenditure over the amount budgeted shall be made without approval of  Church Council. No lay member is to hold the same Church Council office for more than two   consecutive  terms, with the exception of the treasurer. The Chairperson and Secretary of Church Council shall normally be the chairperson and secretary of any congregational meeting.

There shall be a Church Council consisting of 16 persons, together with 6 committees whose work shall be co-ordinated by the United Church Council


 The six committees are:


Christian Education
    5 persons plus Sunday School Superintendent
Management & Finance     5 persons
Ministry and Personnel     4 person plus 1 Ninette representative
Pastoral Care and Fellowship     5 persons
Worship     5 persons plus choir director &/ organist
Trustees     5 persons


These committees will meet monthly or as required. The duties and areas of responsibility of each of the committees, are to be found on the following pages.

The Ministry Team and Office Administrator shall be (ex-officio) members of all committees, with the exception of Ministry and Personnel, and non-voting members of Church Council.